St. Teresa of Avila Parish

Sister Karen Brink (right) ministers at St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Perrysville. As a Catholic school principal I have the delightful opportunity of ministering to students, parents, faculty and parishioners. At St. Teresa of Avila School where the Pittsburgh Benedictines have served since 1906, I am able to see the work of our community and the legacy of spreading the Word to generation upon generation. Providing opportunities for building community among the many facets of our total community is a wonderful challenge and opportunity…to bring the reign of God to this little corner of the world so that others can take it to the farthest corners of the world…the ultimate challenge of the Gospel of Love.


Sister Rosalyn Soller (left) is a Pastoral Minister at St. Teresa of Avila Parish in Perrysville. She remarked that: Education is a many splendored thing and we at St. Teresa Parish cover the gamut. From giving someone a fish, to teaching that person how to fish, to praying before fishing, you name it. My role in these varied activities is coordinating the adult "fish". Ongoing courses in Scripture, structured Centering Prayer Classes and preparing candidates for Baptism and Full Commitment to the Catholic Church in the RCIA Programs constitute my endeavors to bring about the kingdom in the large suburban parish of St. Teresa of Avila. I am also cheerleader for the wonderful elementary St. Teresa School here that has been capably run by our Benedictine Community for over 100 years. We are hoping for another 100.”


Sister Irene Moeller (right) has served as the Pastoral Associate and Parish Social Minister at St. Teresa of Avila Parish in the North Hills since September of 1994. She reports that she serves the parish ministering to the sick both homebound and in nursing homes, coordinates funeral arrangements and assists the bereaved both long and short term. She is active on various social action committees assisting those experiencing many types of needs and participate actively on both parish and community based committees. Sister trains Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and is also the moderator for the Ladies of Charity of the parish.


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